Wireless Networking Support

Are you thinking of setting up your computer devices via wireless OR did you recently purchased a new wireless router and you having issues setting it up? Setting up a wireless network is useful without the tangling cables, and is a good way to share files, printers and internet across your home.


  • Speak to you to determine what needs to be done
  • If you require a modem or router we can supply a unit at a competitive price
  • We will come to your home and configure the internet by setting up your modem, configure your wireless and connect your computers
  • Configure email on your primary computer
  • Ensure you have adequate antivirus protection, which can be supplied if needed
  • Share your existing printer so you can access it across the network
  • Setup a secure wireless network to connect all your computers together
  • Configure file sharing to share files between computers (up to 3 machines)